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Stick Men Fighting - Multiplayer Ninja Fight Game

The ultimate Multiplayer ninja stick man combat fighting game Remember the stick men you used to draw as a kid? Now imagine they are alive and ready for a hardcore fight just as you used to picture them Stick Men Fighting - Multiplayer is a fighting style action game in which you can fight your friends in MultiPlayer mode via bluetooth, or play against sophisticated stickman AI(SinglePlayer mode). You can begin your combat by choosing between four hardcore difficulty modes, different players and 14 different maps And that among the different moves that you can perform with your ninja character to defeat the opponent in combat, which besides the classic punch and kick also include some special moves like shooting fireballs and speed-punch in an ultimate sticman brawler. Fight games werent popular on android, but this Stickman game is about to change that by bringing to the table this brand new exciting hardcore idea. Imagine you could play a fight in this game with your friend on any android device just as you are able to play with the usual game console by using a controller. Thanks to your support, the multiplayer mode for sticman fighting has finally been released Are you ready to be the ultimate warrior and punch, kick and shoot fireballs against your ninja stickman friends in a hardcore fight? Join the sticman action today